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CIT Program FAQ

This page will provide you answers to frequently asked questions about the Certified Integral Therapist (CIT) Program. If you are wondering if the program is right for you, please feel free to contact Dr. Forman to set-up a free half-hour consultation. Please send an email titled “CIT consultation” to

What is the purpose of the CIT Training Program?

The primary goal of the program is to help our participants grasp every facet of Integral Theory in depth and in applied form, so that it will directly and positively impact their therapeutic work. This includes an emphasis on self-understanding and self-development, so that Integral principles are not merely understood cognitively, but also personally embodied over time.

The secondary goal of the program is to continue to foster the first generation of Integral Psychotherapists, with the hope that Integral can help influence the culture of psychotherapy – moving away from theoretical and practical fragmentation towards greater cohesiveness and open-mindedness in the field.

Are there levels of training within the CIT Program?

Yes. There are currently two levels. The first level is the CIT Global Training Program, which is a self-paced, online, comprehensive program grounding participants in the essentials of Integral Psychotherapy and its direct application. It includes 10 individual consultations directly with with Dr. Forman. See below for more information.

The second level is the CIT Global Advanced Training, which is a one-on-one process of Integral self-analysis done in direct collaboration with Dr. Forman (it emphasizes direct experience). The advanced training is intended to deepen and individualize the work completed in first training: further developing your identity and exploring your growing edges as an Integral psychotherapist. Please see the Advanced Training page for more information.

Who is the CIT Global Training appropriate for?

The CIT Global Training is intended for licensed mental health professionals as well as graduate students and interns with clinical experience. It is designed for those looking to significantly deepen and expand their understanding of the human psyche and how comprehensive psychotherapy contributes to psychological and spiritual maturation.

The program is also highly appropriate for professional life coaches who are looking to broaden their skill set with a therapeutic perspective, developing an ability to recognize and navigate the many therapeutic and mental health issues that arise during coaching sessions. Coaches will be asked to do some pre-training readings about diagnostic categories and the philosophy and practice of psychotherapy.

Do I need to know Integral Theory prior to taking the training?

A basic understanding of Integral Theory is useful prior to the starting the program. However, the training is intended to introduce participants to all basic Integral principles and move sequentially from there. Each section of the training builds upon the previous one. We will from more simple concepts and skills to more complete and comprehensive ones. Beginners to Integral can therefore apply for the program and benefit immensely.

If you are new to Integral Theory, please inform Dr. Forman upon applying and you will be provided basic readings to get you acclimated to the Integral framework prior to the training.

What is included in Global Training?

The CIT Global program is divided into four modules and includes 10 individual consultations with Dr. Forman. Upon completion of the program, students will receive certification as Certified Integral Therapists (Level 1, Practitioner level).

The four modules of the program are:

  • Module One is focused on quadrants and on integrative foundations of psychotherapy
  • Module Two is focused on levels/stage-assessments and interventions
  • Module Three is focused on states, specifically traumatic states and spiritual states
  • Module Four is focused on diversity, sexuality, and types

In addition to the four modules, the program is highlighted by the following:

  • Online learning
  • Self-paced format
  • 10 one-hour consultation calls with Dr. Forman (via video conference)
  • Recorded lectures for all topics
  • A copy of Advancing in Integral Psychotherapy (unpublished manuscript)
  • Extensive reading material for all topics
  • Optional developmental testing with Pacific Integral (see below for more information)
  • Students who complete all of the elements – including a final case presentation – will receive certification as a CIT Level 1 practitioner and be listed on our worldwide therapist directory
  • A program cost of $1500

For more information on program finances, please visit our registration page.

For more information about the CIT Practitioner Training curriculum, please visit our curriculum page.

How will the CIT Global Training impact my therapy practice?

All therapists who complete the CIT training will exit feeling more engaged, energized, and optimistic about the possibilities for human growth, healing, and transformation that psychotherapy offers. They will have a new range of skills and concepts to utilize right now as well as a larger map to guide them in continued, life-long learning as a therapist.

If you are a therapist who specializes in a specific area (e.g., eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, etc.) or in a specific orientations (e.g., psychodynamic, CBT, transpersonal), the training will add a host of new perspectives and skills to complement your existing strengths. You will learn to approach your specialization with broadened horizons and learn how to tailor your style to meet the needs of a greater range of clients.

For therapists with a more general therapeutic practice, the CIT training will give you greater confidence and flexibility in addressing a broad range of clients and presenting problems. Having a more comprehensive map of the human psyche, you will feel more comfortable and open-minded with clients and the many possible routes to change that we can offer as therapists. The training will also help you develop a healthy set of professional boundaries in terms of the issues and orientations that you are less inclined to work with.

How will the CIT Global Training impact my coaching practice?

If you are a professional coach, the CIT Training will provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive experience of how psychotherapists think, act, and intervene with clients – adding greater depth and capacity to your coaching practice. You will be able to confidently navigate tricky moments in coaching when therapeutic issues arise, and develop a clearer sense for when a coaching client may need outside therapeutic support in a way that will strength your own coaching work.

Who teaches the CIT Global and Advanced Training?

The CIT program is both founded and led by Dr. Mark Forman. Dr. Forman is a licensed clinical psychologist with over fifteen years of clinical experience with children, adults, couples, groups, and families. He is also the author of A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy, the most in-depth text available describing the application of Integral Theory in therapeutic practice. Dr. Forman has over a decade’s experience teaching Integral Theory at the graduate level and mentoring therapists and therapists-in-training. For more information about Dr. Forman, please visit his biography page.

Does the CIT Training series offer continuing education units?

Not currently. Due to our change towards an online, self-paced structure, we need to reevaluate the feasibility and process of offering continuing education credits. We do not anticipate them being available in the near future.

What is the Cost of the CIT Global Training? 

The cost of the Global Practitioner Training is $1500, which may be paid in quarterly installments. For financial information, please see our registration page.

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