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CIT Advanced Training Online

The CIT Advanced Training is intended to build upon and deepen the core set of skills and awarenesses taught in the CIT Year 1 Global Training. It is highlighted by:

  • 12 individual sessions (in-person or remotely) with Dr. Forman
  • Focus Area 1: A collaborative, Integral analysis of self
  • Focus Area 2: Exploring the relationship between your psychospiritual patterns and your professional growth
  • Upon completion, you will be awarded certification as an Advanced Practitioner of Integral Psychotherapy and this will be listed on our therapist directory

Focus Area 1: Integral Analysis and Self as Therapeutic Instrument

Absorbing clinical skills and concepts is central aspect of becoming a confident and effective Integral therapist. However, therapy is just as much (if not more) an improvisational dance as it is a skills-based process. We are called upon to be creative in session, to address what is emerging in the moment. In this day-to-day improvisational challenge, your self-awareness – deeply knowing your own patterns and reaction tendencies – is an essential resource. This idea that we must learn to rely on our own in-the-moment awareness, personal development, and emotional self-regulation. This view is what therapists often refer to as “self as instrument.”

The first focus area of the CIT Advanced Training is to develop this self-awareness though a process of guided, AQAL analysis. Together we will more deeply map your “Integral self” – promoting a felt understanding of how the AQAL map applies to your own psychological and spiritual world.  The goal is to transform AQAL into a living process; seeing it more clearly in yourself so as to learn to see it more deeply in your clients.

Dr. Forman will work with you to clarify:

  • Your conscious and unconscious psychological patterns as informed by your familial and cultural history
  • Your states patterns and experiences, in both psychological and spiritual terms
  • The intersection of your current way of meaning-making with your current life goals and challenges
  • The patterns and challenges in your interpersonal and relational life
  • The patterns and challenges in your social, economic, and professional lives
  • Your unique strengths and abilities as a clinician and healer

You will go deeply into these aspects of self and learn how they interact and influence your therapeutic presence and performance as a clinician/coach.

Focus Area 2: Professional Challenges and Growth 

In the second focus area of the CIT Advanced Training, we will identify a key area of professional challenge for you as a therapist or coach. This can be an area where you want to channel  your creative energy or that you want to address in order to make your work more satisfying, more effective, and less anxiety-provoking. The specific focus will be decided by you in collaboration with Dr. Forman and should be intuitively resonant, as is suggested in chapter 14 of The Guide to Integral Psychotherapy  (“Natural Immersion and the Intuitive Development of the Multiperspectival Self”).

Your areas of professional growth may include (for example):

  • A specific clinical skill-set, such as working with deeply depressed clients or working with traumatized children
  • A specific area of personal and psychospiritual growth a therapist or coach, such as not overfunctioning, learning to integrate your spirituality with your work, or developing the capacity to skillfully notice and utilize countertransference
  • A specific area of professional specialization, such as creating a workshop, writing about a subject, combining or synergizing two different modalities, or developing a new intervention or approach to growth work

Completion Project 

At the end of the your individual sessions, you will be asked to complete an in-depth written reflection detailing your personal process from an AQAL perspective. The purpose is to help you consolidate what you have learned, develop additional skill applying the AQAL model as it pertains to your psychospiritual life, and to help foster a body of written reflection on Integral psychotherapeutic topics that will benefit future students.

Upon Completion of Advanced Certificate

After the successful completion of CIT year 1 and 2, you will be awarded a certificate as an Advanced Integral Practitioner. The Advanced Practitioner Certification signifies that have learned the essential fundamentals of being an Integral Therapist, and have challenged yourself to extend that fundamental knowledge into deeper self-awareness and heightened professional capacity.

Advanced Practitioner Program Cost

The program cost is $1750, which is payable in quarterly installments. See our registration page for more information.

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