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Guide to Integral psychotherapy


A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy 

A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy by Dr. Mark Forman is the most complete, application-orientated text on Integral Psychotherapy currently available. It provides an in-depth introduction to Integral Theory along with detailed descriptions of how to apply all dimensions of Integral from the point of view of the practicing therapist.

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Endorsements for “A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy”

“Integral Theory offers a remarkably comprehensive conceptual framework, and this book offers a sophisticated view of psychotherapy through its encompassing lens. It’s a book to which I keep returning to glean additional ideas on applying integral perspectives to challenging clinical and life issues.” — Roger Walsh, MD, author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices

“Mark Forman has made an important contribution to the entire field of psychotherapy with this book, which is delicately balanced with theory and research, and always with direct clinical implications. Highly recommended for any mental health professional.” — Andre Marquis, PhD, author of The Integral Intake: A Guide to Comprehensive Idiographic Assessment in Integral Psychotherapy

“The first full application of Integral Theory to psychotherapy by a practicing clinician, this is a pioneering and very good book on Integral Psychotherapy.” — Michael Washburn, PhD, author of Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World

“Forman… provides countless tips, techniques, and perspectives to aid Integrally Informed therapists. I especially recommend Chapter 13 on diversity, probably the best examination of diversity I’ve encountered.”— Keith Witt, PhD, author of Waking Up: Psychotherapy as Art, Spirituality, and Science 

“Mark Forman’s Guide to Integral Psychotherapy offers a comprehensive and all-encompassing interface between two worlds that are too often strangely disconnected: on the one hand, the vast array of psychotherapeutic methodologies, the myriad of models that describe the structure and dynamics of the psyche, and many other domains of the human experience, and on the other hand the concrete reality of the relationship between a therapist and a patient. In this book, depth of theory and the realities of practice are brought into satisfying alignment.” — Gilles Herrada, PhD, author of The Missing Myth: A New-Vision of Same-Sex Love

“This book presents convincing evidence that Integral Psychotherapy is a valuable therapeutic orientation for clinicians to adopt in our exceedingly complex world, as well as providing a clinically-rigorous integrative conceptual framework for the multifarious discipline of psychology… What appealed to me most about this book is that Forman implements Integral Theory with what Fred Kofman refers to as “ontological humility.” His thoughts and suggestions are evidence-based and clinically sound – clearly based on careful observation and experience, and he does not fall prey to indiscriminate recommendations without empirical evidence often found when Integral Theory is transposed to a real-world discipline.” — Guy Du Plessis, Author, Addiction Recovery in the New Millenium: Twelve Steps and Beyond

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